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The Chulabhorn Graduate Institute takes great pleasure to announce that we will be hosting the International Conference on Molecular and Clinical aspects of Melatonin. The conference is scheduled for 30-31, August, 2018 at Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of this conference is to bring a community of scientists and medical professionals together and provide opportunities for them to interact and aid as an informal peer review that can help researchers to develop, clarify, and refine their scientific work giving a more stronger and systematic direction to melatonin research globally with a clear objective to diversify international memberships. The multidisciplinary approach of this conference is an effort to catalyze the development of a whole new research area in promoting melatonin as a clinically qualified therapeutic agent. A great opportunity for students and young scientists to meet world renowned expertise in their field and to begin to establish professional relationships.

Chulabhorn Graduate Institute is a professional scientific research institution and Centre of Excellence in the Asia-Pacific region, to assist and expedite the increase in number of efficient quality human resources development in science and high technology, in order to serve Thailand and other countries in the region, particularly in the fields urgently needed, with professional competence in transforming their knowledge into tangible, applicable development programs. The Chulabhorn Graduate Institute has internationally known and recognized for the high caliber of research and teaching by its faculty, visiting Professors from the top of oversea universities, and its outstanding achievements in teaching, research, national and international academic collaboration and professional services.


Melatonin, also known as N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland. Professor Aaron B. Lerner, Yale University isolated this hormone and named it melatonin in 1958 and Professor Lynch HJ demonstrated that the production of this indoleamine exhibits a circadian rhythm in human pineal glands in the mid-70s. The first patent for its use as a low-dose sleep aid was granted to Richard Wurtman, MIT in 1995. Since then continuous extensive research has been done which has enlightened the potential of melatonin in preventing and treating multidisciplinary pathological conditions. Its medical use is implied in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric pathologies, cardiac anomalies, cancer, longevity and aging associated disorders, reproductive biology and immunology and is commercially available as a prolonged-release prescription drug for sleep disorders and jet-lag associated alterations in sleep-wake cycle. In addition, to the tremendous amount of research currently going on, we emphasize on the global recognition of melatonin in enhancing it clinical importance and acceptance.

We are really honored to have Professor Russel J. Reiter as our keynote speaker. A professor in the Department of Cellular and Structure Biology, UT Health Science Center, Texas, USA, Professor Reiter is the recipient of numerous awards including three honorary Doctor of medicine degrees. He has been identified as a Highly Cited Scientist (top 1%) and listed as one of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds by Thomson Reuters. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pineal Research (Impact factor-10.391) and member of the Editorial/Advisory Board of nearly thirty journals. His scientific contribution has been phenomenal with an outstanding research on multiple receptor-independent and receptor-dependent actions of melatonin in humans, animals and plants.

The 2018 conference will focus on the wide spectrum of Melatonin activities including design and synthesis of molecular and clinical applications in various aspects and more.

“We are committed to promote a closer international co-operation between multiple disciplines of scientific fields providing a platform for discovering new opportunities and sharing ideas for the prosperous future of humanity”

We expect a large number of participants who will not only enjoy the top-notch speakers in sharing insights on the related topics but also savor the beauty and vibrant spirit of Bangkok city.

• We are working hard to make this conference an event that everyone will enjoy and remember!
• Your participation and expertise are most welcome and much appreciated!

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